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The domain also have a real-name authentication

Thursday on July 9th, 2020Net Web

Many domain distributed in several places to be a real name, what should I toss, and full name to the era of real-name system. Recently bus ride all the real name, really drunk. It estimates over time to sweep the face of the car. You are a small buoy, can be positioned to control anytime, anywhere.

Now I understand, that the ancient sanctuary, the true meaning of paradise on earth, the wall outside the wall do not know what the difference was not.

Under "China Internet Domain Name Regulations", the domain name registration applicants should submit true, accurate and complete domain name registration information.

According to the Ministry of Industry in 2017 a comprehensive domain name real-name certification requirements, currently Ali cloud has notified the relevant registration office, if your domain name is not the real name within the stipulated time for approval, registration Bureau will suspend parsing (Serverhold), can not normally access. Verified be used by the rearward return to normal. The domain covered include: .com/.net /.top/.xyz/.vip /.club/.shop/.wang/.ren:

1, as of May 15, 2017, the unfinished real-name authentication .top/.xyz/.vip /.club/.shop/.wang/.ren domain will be suspended resolve Registration Board;

2. As of May 31, 2017, the unfinished real-name authentication .com/.net domain name will be suspended resolve Registration Board.

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