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Your blog can go far

Tuesday on March 24th, 2020Net Web

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Because the love of a personal blog program, adding many related QQ group, such as wordpress, zblog, emlog etc. are added, the program also had to toss regardless of day and night, every day thinking about how to change the theme? How about another program? In the end time is wasted in toss in, and concern for blog content almost not much attention, with predictable results.

In recent years, the replacement of N spatial, N domain names, countless topics, chat the other day to see those records of the year, can not help but sense of loss, I actually did some what?

I believe many of my friends, like me, the beginning of the blog establishment, set ambition, to do a name well-known blog Yao lakes, thousands of traffic every day, and then wait to count the money, however, in the vast network of sea, our blog is so much, plus a variety of reasons in life, gradually deserted, and finally the domain name space expired, and finally nothing.

In fact, we use normal state of mind to look at, just a blog to record their life log, is one of their own backyard than qq space, Sina blog, more is free to customize a variety of functions, no annoying ads.

Content-based, which is the same reason, insist on, is infallible, I can update every day, it can also be updated, as long as this did not forget the private plots, today's weekly recording bit, eventually for their own future leaving a fun-filled memories.

Hope every student like me, holding the normal state of mind, peace of mind to work their own independent blog! Can meet friends, you can learn, we forward it together!

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