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Or a little fan on the router

Friday on February 28th, 2020Net Web

Two small fans will be sent to me when I buy router twice, which is the starting point of router cooling, but I haven't installed them all the time, because I don't agree with the method of installing a fan outside router for cooling. There are two main reasons: first, the heating of electronic equipment is normal, and the manufacturer certainly thinks it's OK; second, after a long time, the fan has become a vacuum cleaner, and the wind A lot of ash will accumulate in the area covered by the leaves. However, one of my ac68u is in a relatively closed space, so I think it's better to add a fan, but the fan still needs to be slightly modified.

In order to prevent dust, buy a dust-proof net and cut it according to the size of the fan. It's better to paste double-sided tape around the fan, install it on the fan, and finally install the metal protective net.

The following is the effect of two routers installed with fans. The noise is very small. The wind speed of the fans is a little slower than when there is no dust screen installed. I feel that the temperature is a little lower than before, and I haven't measured the temperature comparison. At least it's not too hot. It's just a psychological effect.

There are still a lot of dustproof nets left. I want to paste them in the computer mainframe, but I'm afraid that the heat dissipation is not good. Let's talk about it.

PS: now some new small cooling fans have a three in one dust screen, so they don't need to do this.

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