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Baidu Online Library Export Tool Share

Sunday on February 2nd, 2020Net Web

Baidu library, not much introduction. Originally thought to write about his features, but I believe we have to use, than I am familiar with, so I went straight to the subject again. When no points no download volumes within your Baidu account, you need to download some article, recharge VIP and worthwhile, then how do? Remember to buy share of Baidu library VIP account, you can also buy wealth value exchange download volume. Today we introduce a free download fee resources on Baidu library method.

This is the way I see from the other blog, the method is very simple, very fool. That is what you need in the library article link "baidu" add back "VVV" jump to "vvv export documents online tool." Whether you need to download the volume required can be exported or renminbi.

You can be exported to export to word, pdf, ppt three formats. When I tested the export word format, can not save the original layout of the article, the full text should be exported. And when exporting pdf format, publishing articles all the reservations. Although there is no word format to export original article layout, but think about when this tool can export fee resources, it is also very good.

They can also directly access the home page, copy the article addresses Baidu library is required.

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