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typecho updated

Monday on June 1st, 2020Net Web

For two years, how can you not call me in tears? Alpha I have not tried before, I thought typecho next update will wait a long time yet? I did not expect so soon, beta version came out, so decided to play on bae, encountered several problems:

First, bae installing, in addition to a normal home, others say this is 403, do not know how? Later found on the Internet, to point configuration page of the Advanced version management, the addition of a re-entry /(.*).php,/$1.php can be.

Second, attachments upload I do not know where to spread? Upload a picture to open it, do not know how to solve. Third, the article can not be enabled Permalink address rewriting.

The new background is substantially complete, the most amazing is the editor that supports markdown, drag and drop to upload, preview articles and so on. The whole background is a really clean, no extra stuff, very much in line with my taste, feel the speed has been raised.

However, these problems would not exist if installed on your host, my typecho for bae, finally, go to the official website to download the update now! We look forward to the arrival of the official version earlier!

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