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Domain renewal carried out during

Thursday on July 9th, 2020Net Web

Today weekend, will be in the domain name renewals expiring on cloud Ali. I had wanted to see what concessions did not find for a long time did not find, or 60 yuan/year renewals price, "password" on the so-called micro-channel public domain Ali cloud number is also deeply routines.

It touches into a continued favorable 45 yuan/year. Tencent cloud is the price (new network agent), if and turn will discount points, but multi-English domain names, but also real-name authentication back and forth, said to do real-name authentication domain name is also a reference template furnishings, finally decided to stay at Ali cloud side of it. In recent years looked at these giants are developing rapidly, Ali cloud played the sale of the domain name as simple as Taobao, things that domain name, but also a hobby, I hope on this platform can be harvested.

The attached list of domain renewal part, the words brand domain name, like a friend can contact the rice table.

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