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Sichuan graduation examination leakage problems fraud

Saturday on September 26th, 2020Other

21 this month, the final language exam subjects, when preparing for the exam into the examination room only to be told the language exam canceled. Then we will know because of Chengdu seven students in a report this has become an open secret - the Internet has already been leaked exam questions and answers published before the examination. Post Bar, QQ space became ready to sit for the students answer base.

I heard that night, there are nearly a thousand foreign students surrounded by seven in Chengdu, asked to discuss statement. I'd like to, so a test for fairness and social justice and the prosecution of the student leakage problem, why should not it be respected? The first declared yesterday that the teacher or educator, it should receive the most severe punishment!

These students complained, saying the students discuss ask, could there because there is no answer to his hand come in handy, was so angry and impulsive.

But then she heard the next make-up will be more severe, it will be required college entrance examination room arrangement. This is a good thing, for education, I have no passion for what to say ......

A self-study course the class occupied for money remedial teacher is not a good teacher, the teacher's school is not such a good school, so the school's provinces, what the eligibility requirements other universities prioritize your time admitted that in parallel province?

Use it to make up for two decades, China's education can not go on like this! Commercialization filled with stench, unbearable students, students who have no conscience of educators nurtured Is also able to see again the street was the fall to help them do? Can not!

Learning is its own thing, not just scientific and cultural knowledge we need to learn; more should be how to behave and serve the community.

God knows what you did.

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