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The road ahead

Sunday on September 20th, 2020Other

Since high school, unwittingly to now, already more than a year.

Daily always so groggy, I do not know why. Unconsciously, high school for three years and half the time. Think of junior high school for three years, flies are so short, and yet is so long; look at the road ahead, how do I mark time ......

A few days before the examination, the score down, my heart is so heavy. Now look at yourself, not what I used to hate the kind of person do? But how I suddenly woke up ...... seem to feel a vague how to do it, it is to do something. Otherwise, I'm sorry parents worked hard all day, there are high hopes that my grandparents.

Six months ago, a man destroyed the family atmosphere, but I still have to face the people. I would laugh at him, he would laugh, but he laughed when the eyes are like that acupuncture is about radiation, so I laugh, nor is his kind of laugh. Perhaps, everyone it seems, it really is worth the laugh.

Consolidation of mind, start all over again.

Tiger return to the mountain one day, will be bloody half the sky ......

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