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Sunday on September 20th, 2020Other

July 31, Expo. Live up I get up 5:00, I got the China Pavilion booking tickets.

In fact, this day is still a lot of emotional ups and downs, I am very proud and feel great shame.

China Pavilion, Downtown Pavilion Chinese province of Sichuan Museum, city hall footprint will put Sanxingdui relics placed in the most prominent position, as Guanghan people, Chinese people this is a very proud thing. I felt very cordial and pride, we have such a splendid culture and long history, only a handful of the world can be comparable with our capital. Our culture is independent, rich! It is just that, we Chinese people will be able to straighten the spine!

I still unclear why the Japanese and Korean pavilions so popular.

Japan Industry Pavilion is a nest of advertising. Prior to this, I heard the stampede occurred Korean Pavilion for the authenticity of the matter, we do not distinguish suspicion, since no matter the official said, that those people can live photos What role? The Korea Pavilion afternoon, I did not intend to enter the museum through the "useless government" had built, and an army of their own country voluntarily and was pleased to give the government control of other countries can not get my admire of. But this museum exterior color is also good, the venue is also slightly larger. As compared with the Korean Pavilion, the first impression is really not the same.

Korean pavilion showcases the culture and history of the Korean nation. Their clothing, culture, and the country's military and political characteristics, enjoy the performance of their stuff. However, passing Korea Pavilion, the venue is a big ground, a band in the show, three songs we have are two Chinese, as to show their local culture, maybe it does not exist. Of course, there is also a small room shows the so-called "Korean food" - beef noodles, pickles. Oh, really insignificant thing streets become their quintessence up! This is nothing.

Korea Pavilion there is a second layer, I heard that a restaurant, how could I miss this excellent opportunity to study in?

Our restaurant, hotel or restaurant either, that a visitor is not advanced the shop, after re-appropriate. This foreign exchange to the West, too, but why here I encountered this strange things! ! ! I entered, there is a stick called me, he is the stick that you can hear the accent, said: "do you dine?" Instead of "Welcome." We answer "to see the advanced", my expectation was known to break this stick and said:. "Look out, and then come in optimistic"

I was silent ......

Nor cynical, I think if I impulsive words, Kazakhstan Korea fart around these fine certainly kill me.

But, I feel shame, citizens of People's Republic of China by foreigners restricts freedom in the territory of the People's Republic of China. How can we make sense of this truth?

The same nation, the Korean cultural battle lost to South Korea, although North Korean forces on the right path to win South Korea. We also have to marvel at the power of culture, how powerful his strength, if left to their proliferation hundred years, who predicted consequences? Nobody can!

Little things? No, for me it is a major event, things are great! I will avenge, in your way to swear revenge in this way gives me, I will also add to your body!

A matter of time, ye shall see ......

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