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Chat casually with code words in the middle of the night.

Thursday on November 21st, 2019Life

the main reason why I return the code so late is that I really don't feel sleepy and can't fall asleep. The child was just put to bed around 12:00, so the adults also unknowingly went to this point. According to reason, when the child went to bed, he should be very sleepy, but he really had no sleepiness. I don't know if this can be regarded as a sign of insomnia. I happen to have just brought the blog back from the dead today, and I don't have any content, so I came up to write and draw, where I want to write and where I want to write.

standing at the age of 30, Ke Neng is about to enter middle age. A young man in his 20s will begin to grow into a man. After the baptism of time, he will become more social and realistic. Ideal is a thing that can be "feared" by its existence.

now life is basically three-point-three lines to go, three points: home 1-company-home 2, third-line: company work-child care-extra income. After getting married and having a baby, the personal disposable money is calculated carefully. Before we have a baby, our life is OK, but after we have a baby, we have to consider more things, so, with the joy of having a baby, we have to face more pressure. This is a mutually reinforcing process. The more you have, the less you can pay, but I still prefer to pay. After all, the baby is so cute. Can also say "Dad, Dad", although the call is vague, but it sounds very comfortable.

Why is it three o'clock? although we are in the same city as my wife, we are not in the same place, so I gritted my teeth and bought two houses. I took a rest and went over there. She rested here for about half an hour, a week. We have more than half the time to live together. As far as the current situation is concerned, we are still quite satisfied, but we still hope to live together for a long time, and we will definitely think of some ways later.

third line, is the work line, nine to six in the morning, clock in and clock out, step by step, there is nothing to say, it is difficult for enterprises this year, cold winter; Take care of the child line, now the mother helps us take care of the children, so when we get home from work, we have to let the parents have a rest, and it is still very hard to take care of the children all day long, so after work, it is basically me to take care of the children. fortunately, the baby likes me and has been brought with me for so long. I'm still used to this kind of life, although sometimes I annoy the baby, especially Rest very late at night, but when I think it's my own, it's all right. Extra income line, this line may be basically what we post-90s young people have, now a salary is not enough to support themselves, let alone support their families, always have to do another job, double wages are enough to cover expenses, especially in cities like us, where prices and wages are out of proportion.

now people who play independent blogs do not know whether they are post-80s, post-90s or post-00s. Anyway, I started to play independent blog should start from NetEase blog, to build my own station later, there is a sense of process, that is, twists and turns. Blog is still a very happy thing, anyway, there are a lot of words, in reality, words do not seem to be expressed, but the words can always be reflected, and then we communicate with each other, very interesting, the most important thing is to make a lot of good friends. Counting the number of bloggers who have met, there are still several bloggers, some of whom have been in contact with each other all the time, and it is good to maintain friendship.

now I am still not sleepy, or I may have insomnia, but I still have to force myself to go to sleep and get up early tomorrow morning.

good night!

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