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Song of Harvest-Google

Thursday on April 13th, 2006Life

The world-renowned Google company released its global Chinese name "Google" in Beijing on the 12th. It is reported that this is the only name Google has published in non-English speaking countries. This will bring Google closer to Chinese language users around the world.

At the press conference on the 12th, Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt and Google's two vice presidents and co-presidents of Greater China Kaifu Lee and Zhou Shaoning jointly used the traditional Chinese jigsaw puzzle method to spell out the Chinese word "Google", and "Google" was born.

Relevant people from Google said that "Google" is the "song of harvest", which symbolizes a rich and colorful search experience in a poetic way, because the process of user searching is the process of harvest. When talking about why a Chinese name was released, the person said that Google's English spelling would not be an obstacle for people familiar with IT technology, but it might be different for the general public. Therefore, creating a Chinese name can make it easier for people who are not familiar with English to find and use Google.

Dr. Eric Schmidt said in his speech that Google's mission is to integrate global information so that everyone can access and benefit from it. As an important part of this mission, Google is committed to providing faster and easier ways to access information for Chinese users around the world through its innovative technology. He said,"We have great respect for the Chinese people and are very willing to cooperate with the Chinese people to help them get what they need. We believe that after launching the Chinese name 'Google', our business can reach a new level."

At the press conference, Eric Schmidt handed a seal engraved with Google's Chinese name "Google" to Kaifu Lee and Zhou Shaoning, heads of Google Greater China, to express their expectations for the Google team to create quality products for Chinese language users around the world.

-----------From: Xinhuanet---------------It is

said that it was selected from 1800 names. It feels really bad to me! Hardness, awkwardness and awkwardness are not as friendly as calling "dog".

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