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Ali cloud using push mail service

Tuesday on March 24th, 2020Net Web

Before you can push with Ali cloud mail notification as blog comments, very good, every letter can faithfully served, just the day before yesterday, suddenly can not be used, said to have been judged as spam mail system, and as shown:

Heart that is broken, how to do it?

Tried Ali cloud the day after submitting the ticket, is indeed a first-class enterprises, most of the night work order, replied the next day, as follows:

Sales engineers: Hello, we will e-mail for this optimization to improve your chances of successfully sending this sample, but please try again tomorrow.

At the same time, E-mail primarily to meet normal business communication needs, it does not currently support similar DM messages (such as trigger class notification letter: registration verification, an email, etc.) is sent, but also hope that you can have more normal transmission of business mail in the mailbox.

Class Mail messages can be used to trigger push mail service:

If subsequent use on other issues also please feel free to contact us to initiate a work order, thank you!

There are push mail service? Never heard of, ah, spirit of curiosity point into the link, Ali cloud mail push made the following introduction:

Push mail (Direct Mail) is a simple and efficient e-mail service that is built on a reliable and stable basis Ali cloud, help you quickly and accurately to achieve transactional mail, bulk mail and e-mail notification is sent. After two years of double push mail 11 tests, with outstanding performance in transmission speed, system stability and arrival rates; provide rich interface and flexible use, to solve the problem of mail delivery for enterprises and developers, users do not need self-mail server , launched Ali cloud services and enjoy high-quality mail service, mail delivery is the best practice.

Professional trigger SMS platform to support the three operators. Dedicated channel support custom SMS text message templates. Real-time, stable, easy to use, self-help support the use of open access API. 100?reen room, support large-capacity, high concurrency carrier-class operation and maintenance support.

In addition, each master Ali cloud push email account, there are 200 free letters daily limit. As a small blog it, that's enough!

Introduce a step by step in accordance with the appropriate settings quickly concluded.

PS: I know the DNS domain name can also set three, hey!

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