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Arch Linux record

Monday on May 10th, 2021Net Web

I just didn't accept this Arch Linux. After I got a good desktop environment yesterday, I deleted the system today and reloaded Arch, and the command line was installed according to the official Wiki. The main problem is this graphical interface, and the real computer can be used as a snapshot like a virtual machine. If it is not recovered, it must be cautious. Fortunately, the Plasma of KDE has a tutorial on the Wiki of Arch, so if Arch is still not, then I will recognize, use the command line, who is afraid of who 2333

According to the official website wiki, step by step, according to the basic law, pressing Yaourt, Plasma finally is also installed, here the officially recommended SDDM is used as the display manager and boot from start. Then it is restless, bright!

Wonderful 2333 However. . What is this English? I am clearly installed in Chinese language pack? Forget it, transfer 2333

After a while, I finally got a good Chinese, although the adjustment setting is just a bit of mouse, but the Chinese font. . . I copied the entire Windows font. The font on the old computer forgot backup, and the various square fonts bought before. QAQ

Anyway, at least Chinese is no longer a square, it is possible to read it smoothly, and then the Bluetooth drive and the drive of the Bluetooth driver and the touchpad are installed according to the Archlinux Wiki. After a set, it finally adjusts the touchpad to the same experience as Windows, the only beautiful and medium lack of It's too sensitive when the double fingers slip, and no matter how I adjust it, it is too spiritual. It's just a little. It's a few lines. I can't see it. 2333 This still needs to be studied.

As for others, I have used some Kung Fu installed V2Ray and Google Chrome. The former is used for hemoptysis, the latter, should be my favorite browser. As long as you log in, you can guarantee the full platform synchronization. If you really don't say, even Switchomega's settings can be automatically synchronized, just stick to explosion.

The next thing to be completed is to install some software development environment, such as JDK and IDEA what, and KDE's beautification, I installed KDE is to look good. 2333 This is unquestionable, just getting a new computer 1080p 72?olor gamut screen, then look at the original 720P 54?olor gamut screen. . . Emmm. . . I am a little bit, since I said the screen, I look like Xorg's driver is the open source driver of Ying Weida. I don't want to move him. Because the last time I installed the closed source driver, I hang up 2333 and I nor I don't plan to engage in MADVR. What, GT 840M card is used to render KDE is also very good, usually write code installations forced to use Arch, 2333

then. . Emm. . Time is already the next day, it is now August 15th, it is in the last day of this holiday. Please allow me to send some complaints, good summer vacation, even the high three doesn't have to make up, I have to keep up with the battlefield as the enemy, we are human beings, there is a brain, should not improve everyone together What is the living environment? Should it be more and better? Can this be educated, what is the difference between the previous original person? Or, in a group of people's perspective, let us fight and struggle, what is the benefit? The so-called champion, what is the value?

However, even so, maybe I have no conditions to escape this human hell.

Maybe this is a life.

Dream, everything is in the dream, just. . .

just. . .

I don't dream.

Although the ARCH changes can't be started and the tremendous pressure of the third year, but now, in this regard, this is a success.

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