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Buy a vps play (5)

Sunday on July 26th, 2020Net Web

Recently itchy, and bought two chicks play, KVM is a framework, a framework is OpenVZ, on HiFormance are, in fact, HiFormance also pretty good, and run a website or can be used to look at the video year also dozens of blocks, cost can be, there are now five VPS on hand, I was drunk.

KVM architecture VPS:

1 CPU Core - High Performance!

1GB Memory RAM

20GB SSD Disk Space

4TB Premium Bandwidth Monthly

1Gbps Port

1 x IP Address

KVM - SolusVM Control Panel

Windows & Linux

20G hard disk and flow of 4T, really very attractive, but also KVM, but personally feel about the same performance KVM and OpenVZ on HiFormance, if BBR speed and sharp like do not need to install it, I prefer the OpenVZ and then I bought, I want to change into CN2 line, because the speed will be faster, but the customer service response is completely removed my idea, anyway, can look smooth 1080P also okay.

Architecture OpenVZ VPS:

1 vCore

1GB Ram

5GB Pure SSD

1TB Bandwidth Monthly

1Gbps Port

1 x IP Address

OpenVZ - SolusVM Control Panel

Linux Only

Did not intend to use this station, it is mostly too cheap to buy, 1T flow is also very interesting to see the video, but when I tested the speed, instantly silent, to not card does not work, see page okay, watching videos completely Caton, but there are ways to speed it is, is to install BBR, in fact, OpenVZ is also available for installation, many ways, is used here [OpenVZ magic change BBR -lkl-rinetd] a key script, the script does not need to be in TUN/the case of TAP will be able to accelerate enabled BBR, and do not take up too much resources to accelerate the effect is obvious, 1080P is not a problem.

It requires the following:

OpenVZ64 bitRam64M

CentOS 7 installation command:

# Single card wget bash # multiple network adapters wget bash

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