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Buy a vps play (4)

Sunday on July 26th, 2020Net Web

To tell the truth, through the use of hiformance these days, I have to hiformance unable Tucao, casually tossing down a few to Offline, and reinstall the system will be Offline, I did not do anything, too anti-toss, and now outworkers I do not care how single past, it is estimated too I'm sick of it, but also to change ip $ 5, do not give refunds, with the day, went to great lengths, but finally used the vps , currently idle, when it is $ 22 for naught it.

This morning stumbled move bricklayer 10G VPS goods there, so I bought a 10G, and maybe when not any goods, and with so many vps, before we know really move bricklayer is cost-effective now the blog host to move from Hong Kong to move bricklayer, for a cn2 line (or will be slower compared with the previous point), because it is cn2 line, traffic dropped from 550G to 183G, the price is not enough to make up the flow of the practice was also quite in addition also the rest of the site into a new move to buy a bricklayer.

A few days ago Vultr top of the $ 10 to go, but since I registered a new move bricklayer, VPS too many, and thus want to delete the Vultr inside the server, the way the money inside out. Method is to delete your server, and then send a work order instructions inside the account balance trying to return to Alipay (I Alipay payment), wait for a while customer service will respond, are generally agreed to refund. But only if the refund within three months after every recharge, more than three months will not be refunded, the money can only be placed Vultr account, I now have $ 2 in the account, but it does not matter a. Vultr I also use for several months, in general, it is good.

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