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Buy a vps play (3)

Sunday on July 26th, 2020Net Web

In theory this should be the time to buy vps me about the third article, written The second is that just bought a Vultr, Vultr although slow, but stable, watching 1080p video basically never goes down, installed after BBR still very interesting.

HiFormance is learned from others blog, and he checked the Internet, the high cost ah feel only pity is that OVZ architecture, nothing to engage the head, not on the bbr, the online OVZ bbr way I can not read, but think so cheap, how would you KVM ah, do you think it is moving bricklayer.

In fact, I really understand much in this respect, to see at first is a line CN2 think it should be soon, in theory, China Telecom CNCN line should be fast, but due to the use of too much, too many VPS providers serious overbooking, is now very congested ah, I compared some sites, I did not feel how fast CN2, but nothing Ping look better value. But also points CN2 GT and GIA, the difference is still very large domestic routes, it is clear HiFormance just walk GT line of CN2, garbage fighter?

Determine whether the CN2 many ways, the most intuitive is to download a WinMTR software to track what routing, international backbone node has CN2 node 2 to 4 59.43 at the beginning is the CN2 line, but there are 202.97 at the beginning is even CN2 GT line of it.

Ping values ??are as follows:

Use of HiFormance server testing results are as follows:

Period of use HiFormance, the feeling of speed is still acceptable, but the absence of bbr, the speed of certain aspects of the very poor, 1080p and above direct give up! Establishment barely okay, do not recommend buying openvz and cn2 lines, serious overbooking, often down.

At first I reinstall the CentOS 7, suddenly loom on offline, and sent a work order was restored in the past, then tried again to reinstall the system, or offline, and send work orders in the past, this time I changed a ip, then it seems normal for a few days, a few days ago and the results of off-line, and I was sent a ticket in the past asked, that she recovered.

This vps provider's customer service response a bit slow, and does not support a refund, Oh! What things are best made work orders, work order in question is not made, the issue may never be resolved.

In website is found to have a domain name resolves to the ip I vps, possibly on a user, it's a bit embarrassing, but fortunately pagoda panel can prevent others malicious resolved as follows:

First, a default binding site (the site is idle), all panel is not bound to the default domain will visit the site, and then modify the site configuration file, add return 444; this string of code is stored (may be changed to 444 or 404 502 error code, etc.), this method is useful only for the visit http.

There is a way you can modify the default page, just change the ip address of the display page the way you want.

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