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Buy a vps play (2)

Sunday on July 26th, 2020Net Web

This article Original title: "Remembrance website, and other purchased Vultr"

Remembrance website

A while ago finishing an old laptop when accidentally found the year when a college student playing some information site, such as a Web site hosted on byethost, I would have forgotten, or typecho site program version 0.8, it is By 2011, seven years from now have, but the site still exist, but in a free space, so I'm a little surprised, although I have some sites on the 99on to 12 years from now still, but the site on this byethost, currently is the site I can visit in one of the earliest, and can be considered a memorial of their own way. 7 years later, I wrote an article:

The last time the text is already more thing in 2011, when I was a junior, is now starting a family room, thirty, and then again, Time flies, years such as flow, since this site for seven years up there, presumably still has significance of its existence, although the site still looks like the year, seemed so immature, but just so that it brought back my memories. Typecho updated to the latest version, from 0.8 to 1.2, and adjusted at the site, made a theme. . . Then all we return to calm!

The irony is that I signed up for a byethost account, a picture began to want to stop, then I wanted to do something similar display a list of files, network disk on it, because I saw it written in the space and traffic are unlimited (naive), own collection of some of the documents and share everything can throw up, I might play too much, all day uploading procedures, testing procedures, and the account is being suspended, and the use of such summary free space, you still obediently put a lightweight blog program it, but do not toss all day to upload files, it is easy to be suspended, if you only want to be a character class blog, byethost in the free space should be okay the most important thing is not advertising, I tested some time, the speed was okay, you can bind the domain name and ssl, the basic requirements are satisfied.

Purchase Vultr

After buying bwh last year, although the bwh the cheapest, is now sold out, the overall feeling is very good, but still want to buy a cheaper vps, now stood a spare or to put this site, this site is currently is hosted on a virtual host, the host due consideration to the possible Vultr, it means goodbye to the virtual host.

Vps seen a lot of business, there are a lot of really cheap, such as a few dollars you can have a so-called kvm architecture, but the actual experience is not good, ping value is very low, and some simply ping fails, the reason will not say. I had a similar experience a few days ago bought a vps on VirMach, which can be considered a veteran of vps, and see there are many online push it, Ever since I bought a $ 10/year that section and then I want to log in through the putty, but also how the board does not go up, at first I thought that his username and password to like it a mistake? However, I found the root ip ping fails, then before we know if this situation can only apply for replacement ip, need to give $ 300, the replacement node also needs $ 5, think about or forget, but VirMach refund or quickly, this point is worthy of recognition, in addition ip can ping pass, also depends on character, and some people still pass.

I have heard that Vultr, but never used, now Vultr also support payments, this is too important, when purchasing a minimum of that paragraph (US $/month 2.5) when it found many nodes have been sold out or not (a bit slow in responding), and better Japan and Singapore not long ago, on the choice of New Jersey. Vultr web interface to do very pretty, management panel at a glance, this bwh and, like a lot of things very clearly listed, no additional transferred to another control panel, while it is charging by the hour, and this point and a lot of different vps, but also to buy first recharge, recharge is said to have more than concessions? Once you remove the service you buy, it will not be charged, this is very user-friendly.

I doubt that the $ 2.50/month, or 0.004 $/h? A month is counted by the number of days? What accounting standards? A little do not understand? I spent about multi-day cost is $ 0.12, if 30 days a month, roughly understood to $ 360, but this and $ 2.5/month not right? Well, first a period of time to say it, a pack of cigarettes money is still acceptable.

PS: finally found the answer, Vultr calculated by the hour, the most expensive package is $ 250/month (US $ 0.004/hour, or $ 5 a month), if your VPS full month by $ 250/month deduction If less than a month to 0.004 US dollars by the hour/hour deduction.

Far across the ocean, speed is definitely a general, ping an average value of more than 200 msec, is not ideal, bwh slightly faster than it is, but it is slower than the virtual host, my virtual hosts due in Hong Kong, the speed faster. The actual experience, I think Vultr speed is acceptable, for some wp site or typecho like, no problem at all. Now put a picture standing on the top, the picture is more, the address is:

Watch a video of the site can also speed, 1080p came smooth, the figure is bwh, under a Vultr.

There are two vps on hand, a virtual host, four domain names, there are several free space, then again, this area is indeed "true love", but also consider reducing the number.


There are many SSH clients, some time ago to see Bo Friends recommend a finalshell domestic software, the interface is very good, integrated ftp and shell, basically meet my request, decisive purchase Premium, not expensive, just when to the author's support.

Encode Explorer is a server folder to display a list of the script file, a file, simple and crude, pretty easy to use.

Use a lot of albums php program, or that previously used UberGallery easy to use, although there have not been updated for several years, and the author of the program is also the author of Directory Lister, really cattle breaking ah! Directory Lister similar Encode Explorer.

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