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Sunday on July 19th, 2020Net Web

I do not know to this broken phone brush how many times, but still strong ~ ~ ROM is a fake SONY Xperia UI new experience beautify the ROM, the interface is indeed very beautiful, but the problem is too much memory, and do not feel signal good.

Fortunately, this B teacher back pack and old customers Samsung - National Day upgraded version is also good, the first system is not quite in the way, pretty good-looking interface, replacing ya round I like the font, and then delete some google services and extra software, it felt quite well ~

Font substitution

System font, I like romantic Graceland + Rubrik mix, looks very comfortable, very cute English font, view screenshots.

Now generally used anyview read a book, I like to use the letter in bold font, known as the highest quality form of bold, black letters the first time I saw really a kind of love the feeling. In the Internet to collect a few letters in bold, perhaps incomplete, but can be pretty good.

Turn the camera off camera sounds

Opened with RE Manager systemmediaaudioui folder, find camera_click.ogg, renamed or deleted.

Close bottom button backlight

Open with a text editor RE Manager system/etc/ this document, at the end of a new line, add the command: After the echo 0/sys/class/leds/button-backlight/max_brightness, then save and exit on a separate line .


The liberation of the power button, be sure to use these two, and a key lock and a key off-screen reboot.

fqrouter2 is a good thing, you can use it raised wall, on twitter and youtube look no pear, but I do not need a twitter over the wall, I have a better way, ha ha ~ ~

Buka cartoon is my favorite software, remember watching cartoons with ComicsViewer to look on the computer, already I feel very happy, and now have the burqa comic books, comic books really anywhere, want to read .

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