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WordPress tip: forget the password WordPress Solutions

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

Now that you have made this blog, slowly to improve the content of it. Many of my friends advised me to gather together over content, making content richer blog, I do not agree with this approach. Zhang blog in all WordPress skills are experienced or fully understood, the number of poor readability Minato articles and articles will not appear.

When you see this title, you must be laughing Zhang this tutorial too dishes. Do not forget the simple password, with the background of the "Forgot Password" to retrieve it. Yes, but some space does not support automatic email function when password recovery is not so simple. Here are a few ways to retrieve a forgotten password WordPress:

A, WordPress default background back

Is the previously mentioned, in the case of space if you support "? Mail () function" function, and your user name email address are correct, this method is very convenient. Specific methods: Sign in to enter a user name and password screen, tap enter the correct user name or mailbox after the "forgotten password", to your mailbox to find the password reset link below.

Second, reset the password file WordPress

Create a new PHP file locally, copy the following to a file. After upload this file to the root directory, after performing the URL bar of your browser after "set admin password" enter your new password and click "Submit Content Query" button

?? php

// password resetter

include ( "wp-config.php");

include ( "wp-blog-header.php");

if (empty ($ _ POST [ 'emergency_pass'])) {


? Form method = "post"

?? set admin password: input name = "emergency_pass" type = "password" /

?? input type = "submit" /

? / Form

? Php

} Else {

?. $ Sql ??= "UPDATE" $ wpdb-users "SET user_pass = '" .md5 ($ _ POST [' emergency_pass ']). "' WHERE User_login = 'admin'".;

? $ Link = $ wpdb-query ($ sql);

? Wp_redirect ( 'wp-login.php');

? Exit ();



Attention: When you successfully change the password, be sure to delete this file, otherwise take advantage of other people, then your blog and you may not be a name.

? Third, through PHPmyadmin, etc., to execute the statement Mysql

Log in to your blog by PHPmyadmin database, execute the following statement

"Update user set password = password (" New Password ") where user = 'username';"

Here we introduce three basic ways, what do not understand, you can exchange. Now my blog have to solve a problem, that is, code highlighting. What useful code highlighting plug-in (of course non-plug-in) better.

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