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Some Kindle Reviews

Thursday on June 4th, 2020Net Web

In fact, I rarely buy on Amazon e-books are generally looking for resources on the Internet, although Amazon's books are regarded as relatively whole matter, but there are not many books, such as some popular network or fiction, there is an important the reason is that the Amazon e-books purchased on Amazon's own use only four fonts, kindle not escape, then that does not support custom fonts.

More online resources epub and txt, txt but does not support directory, and relatively poor layout, so it is recommended to find the book epub format, but does kindle support epub formats, so there need to use this software to epub Calibre turn into azw3. If you can only find txt resources, we want to make the directory of e-books, you can use this software EasyPub, to turn into a txt epub formats, and this software can automatically generate a table of contents, provided that chapter of your txt file is regular such as "the first chapter, Chapter II, Chapter 3," and so on in order to generate a complete build directory, preferably before the build directory own tinkering txt file, the chapters are unified into a rule.

epub turn as a method of azw3

Open Calibre, put you under good books import into, and then click the convert button books, set up a few pictures and then follow the following basic can be friends.

Finally, click the OK button, wait for the conversion is complete, and then send the file to your kindle device can be friends.

kindle fonts

Try on kindle many fonts like Times New Roman or last, for example, Founder and Founder Burson-Marsteller published the book Song Song Song closer printed, read up and feel better. According to the above method after the book reached the kindle, font options in selecting the font publisher, you can set the font you want it.

Founder of Song Dynasty:

Founder Burson-Marsteller published Song:


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