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Due to missed due to Paypal account was closed, reopened experience

Monday on February 17th, 2020Net Web

Paypal really very sensitive. On March 18 after payment Paypal login, VPN suddenly think of it not yet broken. The results March 22, to prompt account access is limited, Paypal account was closed. Accordance with the requirements of Paypal, I enter a credit card number before binding; accordance with the requirements of Paypal, modify the login password and modify the two prompt answers. Wait less than 24 hours, receive emails from Paypal, the account has been normal use, the whole process does not require contact telephone customer service and customer service Paypal Email, as long as the patience to wait. Waiting for the process, in the "Resolution Center" to see the progress of information processing.

Summary: The first experience Paypal account is frozen. Paypal VPN or use a proxy to access the web page, it really is very sensitive. When you log Paypal, be sure to check VPN or proxy is closed. Otherwise, if missed, Paypal account will be closed. Because VPN login and Paypal account has been closed, reopened step is quite smooth. If Paypal account has been bound to a credit card, simply enter your credit card number, modify the login password, you can modify the prompt answer. If there is no binding credit cards, will trouble many, the need to provide additional information.

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