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Upgrade Kay LiDE navigation

Wednesday on April 21st, 2021Net Web

Recently, I have upgraded the car, but the process is also a bit trouble. I have been upgraded for half a day. However, the feeling of upgrading is still great, with the latest map information, I will go to the outside.

First, you have to know what port and baud rate and resolution of your navigation. If you are wrong, navigation does not have satellite positioning, that is, you can't use it. If you want to know your own port and baud rate, resolution, there are two ways:

First, take the TF card navigation of the original car, inserted on the computer, there will be a folder named NAVIONE, this folder is the main program and map of Kay LiDE navigation, just replace this folder, the most I have prepared the previous Navione folder and then open the Naviconfig.dll file under the path Navionenaviresfile with the Kay LiDE port modifier, and then you can see its port and baud rate, resolution.

Second, if there is no Naviconfig.dll this file, use the Kay LiDE port code to scan the tool, it is best to prepare a new SD card, put this tool in the TF Card, pay attention to the path to Navione with your car navigation The .exe file path is consistent, then inserted into the navigation card slot, the resolution of your navigation is displayed, the port, and baud rate is displayed.

Secondly, download the lazy bag of Kay LiDE navigation, or configure the main program + offline map, there are many resources on the Internet. The first time I recommend downloading the lazy bag, the resolution must be pair, and the system is divided by Android, and Wince. This is to distinguish, I am Wince, after downloading, open the Naviconfig.dll file with the Kay LiDE port modifier, and fill in the port and baud rate of your car navigation, the resolution is saved.

Finally, insert the card into the TF card slot of your car, wait, if you can position, prompt the satellite, and the system is stable.

After the update is complete, I am now the map data version number is 3A21J0T, the main program is C3261-C7M14-3921J0S (SP2), V7.0.

This time is another larger version of the map upgrade in 2016, Kay LiDE 2016 Summer version of the map has been updated and data maintenance on the previous basis, including road network data, POI data, and the previous version (2016 spring map). All increment update data. Comprehensively improve the accuracy of the map data and ensures the home of navigation electronic map data.

General usage:

Back up the original navigation file, then select "File System FAT32" on the computer, "Assign Unit Size 16KB" format the navigation card (preferably use the Class 10 high speed card). Copy the file obtained by the unzipped lazy bag to the navigation card, directly load the navigation device to start the navigation map to match (the newbie is best copied, the old man please pay self). After the schedule scan, most navigation devices can hear "Welcome to Kay LiDE navigation" tone, as long as you hear this tone, the C3261 applies to your navigation device; if you don't hear "", " Until I heard the prompt, I heard the sound Click here. ", Under the premise of navigation device normal and the device volume is open," "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " Didn't hear the tone, don't point to "I heard the sound Click here", otherwise I will enter the map, I can find the star, no sound can not be used normally! Navigation path settings: Generally do not need to manually set the navigation path, if you can't get a map and the machine can set the navigation path, you set it to Navionenavione.exe

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