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Several DIY Bluetooth headset

Saturday on August 15th, 2020Net Web

Recently, a few DIY headphone cable with MMCX cable also has Bluetooth, the price is very cheap. My iPhone7 a Lightning port, if the charge it, or using a Bluetooth headset convenient, I have a few headset Bluetooth headset, but now I feel uncomfortable wearing a long headset is also very hot, or flat head or ear lightweight convenient, so the two Halter DIY Bluetooth headset, but in fact I used the headset frequency is not high, mainly when listening to sleep for a while.

The trimmer head headset is MDR-NC020, I put it into a Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 line is, in theory, transmission distance farther and faster, the sound quality is not to say what I feel okay fungus.

The figure is white Bluetooth headset, but MMCX connector, headphone Apple headphones head wool basin unit, but I do not know true and false, listening to feel good. MMCX gray is wired, it is estimated that the first engraved headset Sennheiser MX500.

In short, these are very primary thing, the first time I play, in line with the attitude of learning. DIY headphone can choose their own wire connector, headphone unit, all kinds of fun with it is still very, very high and some people playing, but this requires higher costs and a stronger ability.

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