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Old computer resurrection

Sunday on February 28th, 2021Net Web

After tossing, I was tossed by a notebook that was taken away by the power source. According to the practice, in addition to the usual machine installed Windows, I was installed in Linux, and the previous Samsung R518 was running after running Win10. I changed to Elementaryos. It is very good, this time I am going to try another different Linux.



According to the practice, go to the official website to download the ISO and then burn into the U disk, and then install it according to the official Chinese wiki input command with the USB flash drive. This process will not be described again. It is worth noting that the security boot function of the motherboard BIOS is turned off from the U disk, and when using the Ultraiso, select the RAW mode, otherwise ISO - the latter I want to be subject to the U disk.

During the installation process, I will refer to the official Wiki and card in the partition. Later, I checked the information, my 1T hard drive has the following partition:

512MB EFI start partition 500GB root directory is used to store data, no partitions mounted on the installer

After a long wait, I finally installed the basic system, but when I installed GRUB, I was attacked. First of all, I have encountered this problem:

WARNING FAILED TO Connect To Lvmetad, Falling Back to Device Scanning.

The search solution is to enter the file of /etc/lvm/lvm.conf and modify us_lvmetad = 1 into use_lvmetad = 0

Subsequently, I always prompt to find the EFI boot device when GRUB-MKCONFIG, I guess because Grub always mixed the U disk and the hard disk, because I use fdisk. As long as the SDA is mounted is a hard disk, GRUB will go to the U disk, as long as the SDA is mounted is a U disk, GRUB is looking for a hard disk, in short, it is cleverly avoided the EFI partition on the hard disk, so I directly pull the hard disk 2333 It doesn't matter if Chroot is now Chroot. Thus, GRUB can only select unique disk.

After such a toss, it is finally good. Unplug the U disk, restart, you can enter the ARCH on the hard disk. however. . .

I didn't see the graphical interface, because Arch is also streamlined by the graphical interface.

Install graphical interface

According to the official document, install the driver and xorg, because I am a double graphics card, INTEL nuclear display + Ying Weida is independent, the usual display work is done by Intel, so I will only install Intel's drive, for picking The XORG installed down does not need to make any configuration.

For the desktop, I choose to be the most gorgeous Plasma, as for other desktop environments, users can decide themselves according to their own preferences. About Plasma, ARCH Wiki has Chinese descriptions. After the command is knocked, it is waiting. . .

However, I have been waiting for a long time, only take a mouse when starting Plasma, and the background is black. This situation lasts for nearly half an hour, during which the hard disk does not read and write, so I am shut down directly. This is still the case after restarting, so I think, give up, 2333


Simply put, the most gorgeous Plasma has not been successfully run, and the same configuration is very good for XFCE4. At the beginning, I'm sophisticated because of Manjaro, but later I found that this release is gradually farther away from Arch, so I decided to see it from the first installation. Since it is a machine for the desktop, I think the first thing is good, although Xfce4 beautification is very good, but since Kde + Plasma can't run, then. . . Emm, still go with a little simple and simple.



I took a loss of Arch, this Mint I chose to try Cinnamon first because it's smaller. When I burned the mirror, I first simple poor sentence 2333 according to the past habits, whether it is a system or writing procedures, as long as I involve the top of the GUI, I will be GG Smecta, so I am afraid that this is no exception. 2333 However, I think it's a lot of time, now we can use the command to talk to IRC, use the command line, and do a web page with the command line, but in fact, if you use it as a desktop, then the graphical interface is It is essential, because I don't want to come to a WiFi-Menu every time, then curl to visit a web page - of course, this result is HTML of a web page, however On this DOS, there is also a package that can be internetrated - and the configuration of the graphical interface is that I am not good at, and I don't want to try it. But it is very easy to install the Arch, but once it involves GUI, GG.

So I chose to use a ready-made desktop environment. If you don't do it, then I still have the last straw - Elementaryos, even if I don't like it very much from a practical perspective.

In installation, MINT and other release versions have nothing to enter. First connect the network, then double-click the installer on the desktop.

After a long waiting, I am probably waiting for one night, this is the installation. The first time I feel that this interface is far less than the interface of the big gods, so the next is the long way to work.


After a pass, I installed the Chrome browser and Wine on the old computer, and deleted some things that were useless, installing two graphics cards, the following segmentation line The following is the chrome on MINT. Written in.

Overall, the Mint system is based on the Ubuntu system magic change. The advantage is to speed up the installation and download of the package with the open source mirroring station of all major colleges and enterprises, but the other, MINT has some packs or To download the foreign source, some software packs will still be very slow, such as the current Linux kernel update, or go to to download, and this Sogou input method can not use Shift to switch in English This is a bit uncomfortable.

In addition to some of the above problems, the remaining experience is still very good, although it is not possible to make a graphical interface in Arch, but this can be used, 2333, even if it is HP gamebook, the keyboard is not as good as This old envy15 series is good.

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