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Mobile optimized plug WPtouch experience

Sunday on October 11th, 2020Net Web

Recently visited some of the blog's time to find some blog using a mobile phone for support mobile browser is quite good, after making inquiries, finally found this plugin WPtouch, so last night on the installation.

After this plug-in installation, the phone comes with a browser to directly access the blog URL will automatically switch to the mobile theme. Quite beautiful, the interface is very comfortable, and would like to thank? Jeff? Chinese Language packs are available, so this plugin for the people concerned, even more perfect.

I've used WP-T-WAP this plug-in, plug-in fact, this is also very good, the effect is much larger than just access WPtouch, but the advantage is can manage the background, such as publishing articles or reviews conducted management and other functions on the phone.

Another point to note is, it seems that this has no effect on UC browser plug-ins. Because UC browser above Wang, the effect is still the page, not to switch to a mobile theme. Therefore, you can use the Android or iOS comes with a browser to access my blog see the effect.

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