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Brush up temporarily

Friday on August 14th, 2020Net Web

Some time ago because they did not see the firmware version on the brush, the result of an infinite restart, but fortunately, the last by means of the brush firmware upgrade to save the last firmware upgrade to B949, currently many rom glory + are based on this firmware!

Because one day change the font, and brush a machine, really want to Tucao about android 4.0 method of changing the font, font better, said the Chinese, English is still a little speechless! Although a lot of failure, but also understand some of these, do not fail never progress!

Huawei glory + firmware (U8950D, Android 4.0, V100R001C17B939, China Unicom)

Download: http:? // shareid = 116856 & uk = 3457028802

Huawei glory + firmware (U8950D, Android 4.0, V100R001C17B949, China Unicom)

Download: http: // shareid = 155004 & uk = 3457028802?

Huawei u8950d recovery using a

Download: http: //

ROM with a "doomsday date [12-25] amendment to counter-attack B949 force optimization V2 version extreme landscaping! Still pure, all-round, smooth "

Download: http: // shareid = 181786 & uk = 2032520153 & third = 0?

Brush Method:

Recovery must be brushed into the third-party copy the downloaded firmware zip package you copied to the sd card close the "quick start", shutdown, and then press the power button + volume on at least 10 seconds into recovery. The operations here are the volume up and down keys, the power key wipe format having dual, i.e., two options wipe at the beginning, choose 'ok', is the format the phone select "Install zip from sdcard" - "choose zip from sdcard" - select your downloaded firmware zip, press ok, then wait for the completion of brush

PS: Huawei U8950D first unlocked before you can root and brush rom, fastboot drivers to install and properly properly, it is recommended to go to AZ forum to familiarize yourself!

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