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Cloud storage wars

Friday on August 14th, 2020Net Web

Recent network disk can be described as war, especially Baidu and 360, have launched a permanent space 1T, and is free Oh, you and your little friends are shocked is not it? Whatever for users, this is a big thing, but I know for cloud storage industry, this is not a good thing, there are some companies should be eliminated. It can be said that T-level capacity, enough to spike foreign network disk, and even feel a bit stingy foreign network disk, and between a lot of reasons, using the Internet to foreign products is not always assured, most importantly, you I do not know which day this page will not be opened. So fly or domestic, but also as Baidu, 360 such a big business for the job, because some start-up Internet companies, although in some places is leading, but in such a brutal competition in the industry, in order to survive they are very difficult. Before there is a network disk 10G, think big, and now you do not have a 100G are embarrassed to come out to mix, to mix in the industry, the fight is money.

Baidu cloud network disk

Baidu talk about it, I see a lot of people say that they are the grist, love google or something, I never said, I know google is a great Internet company, but this is all I care it up to me I usually use that Baidu, Baidu said that although there are many places to be criticized, but which company is perfect it, google it perfect? At least for me ordinary users, Baidu's suit me very well, very down to earth, is not the best for you, of course, this is entirely a personal preference, like what are understandable.

Baidu cloud network disk 1T free space is permanent, but said activity is time-limited, so I want it, or as soon as possible now. The method is very simple, open this address, install Baidu Baidu cloud cloud butler + install the mobile client (mobile phone can synchronize contacts and photos, this is praise) + payment of $ 1.

Other network disk

360 cloud disk 1T get easier, and 1 yuan were no. Kingsoft disk 100G, slightly conservative. Huawei network disk, the so-called "unlimited" cloud space. Tencent micro cloud send 10T, which is clearly arrives to knock it!

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