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EverBox network disk to use summary

Thursday on August 13th, 2020Net Web

I've learned is the first practical network disk Dropbox, originally also see from the moonlight blog article. But we all know, Dropbox for some reason is not accessible in China. Since Dropbox and after China missed, a large number of domestic network disk industry spewing out.

Inadvertently, I found EverBox this network disk, grand company produced, I think, pretty good, so try for a while. In the end, I even uninstalled altogether Dropbox, but used directly EverBox. There are two reasons, one is Dropbox is a full English, but also need to hang proxy to use; the other is I think EverBox probably follow suit to emulate Dropbox, so the operation very smoothly.

Not long ago, Kingsoft launched a so-called T plate, a landmark 1024 GB ah, far beyond the storage capacity of EverBox. So I tried the next, but the feeling is not very good, they still insist on using EverBox. Although Jinshan is a large company, although this T disk 1TB, but was limited to a single file 100MB or less, 1TB, what is this sense that it? EverBox although currently only 12GB, but complete enough to use it, and every Pro festival, will also introduce activities, giving extra space. Thirdly, I take into account, but I installed the QQ, ah! If you want me to do that day Jinshan T plate and choose between QQ, I just eat a meal do all right, ha ha ha, pure entertainment!

During the addition, EverBox still in closed beta, registration is not directly used. Can only participate in closed beta by invitation, I think this is a measure to continuous improvement and improved it in a stable environment. Well, I only have 5 invitation code, need friends can leave me a e-mail address, not much chance yo ~

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