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Free WordPress Tutorial (VII): WordPress Akismet plugin installation method

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

It had intended to Title VII of free WordPress tutorials like to talk about how to build a blog article categories and the newly released article, but feel this is too simple, most people should be able to do, so I decided to teach novice toss it under WordPress Plugin . Because the current version of WordPress latest version is 3.01, so a future tutorial are to 3.01 as the platform.

When your WordPress3.01 successful installation, you can normally publish the article. But this time WordPress function is not too strong, we need more useful plug-ins to support. Plug-in should be the first choice Akismet, this plugin does not need to be, it is WordPresst comes with plug-ins, back to the list of plug-in enabled.

Akismet (Automattic Kismet) is a widely used spam filtering system, when its use is enabled, does not really work, then we also need further configuration.

Use Akismet

When your Akismet plugin enabled, your plugin list at the top there will be a "Akismet is ready. You must enter your API key for it to work." Prompt, indicating that this plugin does not work in the true sense, we must be configured before you can pay

Registration API Key

After the plug-in is enabled, the plugin will have the following selection box Akismet configuration options, we click to enter.

API key application

We went to sign up for an API key, click on the "register a" to enter the registration page. Note API key has several options, we chose the bottom for free. Click on "use Akismet for free!" Free API key to enter the registration interface

akismet installation

When you enter the next step of the method according to the picture, you can receive e-mail message containing the API key. Put your API key fill in the "Akismet Configuration" option in. After the update, the work on the Akismet can really sense.


However, the use Akismet should also pay attention to some issues, he is sometimes mistakenly off, put some of the normal comment spam has become a setting where we need to follow the "Do not let Akismet plugin lose your traffic" in the method to make your website to prevent lost traffic.

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