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Life is not only in front

Sunday on February 28th, 2021Net Web

I have not written on the blog, and I will only write this article in 2016. I only write 2 articles. Now I occasionally open the blog, more time to look at some articles At that time, there seems to have a lot to tell, and it seems that many anger needs to be solved, but now? I am actually very happy, but I seem to want to hide these happy people, and I am a guy who spreads negative energy.

Then, the phenomenon of seepage is suddenly found in the first two weeks. At the beginning, I thought it was water pipe leaking, and I found a long time, I used a lot of way to find the reason, I also thought about it for a long time, I really don't know where the water is Come, later finally in the help of the decoration master, this problem should be solved, because this is not 100?hing, but it is speculated that the drain is not done well, the water is accumulated to penetrate the wall, and the hope can be completely solve.

In short, there are quite a lot. When you stop parking last time, you also scraped a long marks. There is no time to report insurance. I have been not very satisfied with the luggage of the car. I also consider going to change the luggage frame. The other is that my motorcycle has not been reviewed last year. I also consider whether it would be sold to this motorcycle. After a while, I will go to the passport, I should go to the country in July and my wife. Honeymoon Travel, promise my wife for a long time, I have not been a row, I am very embarrassed.

Life has always had a lot of troubles, there are many don't want to say, some difficulties I face can be said that even dust is not, but I feel that I am very annoying, I always face the problem, I will be very weak. Many complaints, I have to learn myself to become strong, I can do my best to deal with some things, I am really poor at 28.

Before I said, there is a very important test to test, I am very glad to enter the interview. Now I have to calm down, concentrate on the test of the interview, or to cheer! There is no end point in life. Only have been moving forward, never ending hard, can drive more difficult, this society is trying to chase for the goal, do you have a good idea? Things are always handled, one piece is solved!

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