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Xiaoying use of NAS storage video

Saturday on January 23rd, 2021Net Web

Xiaoxing looks to support three storage methods: cloud storage, TF card, NAS. Note: Xiaoxing look at the so-called NAS does not fully refer to such professional equipment, in fact, as long as it is the equipment to support the SMB protocol, it is more simple to understand that the local area network can be accessed.

Personally think that TF is too small, there are not many storage records, I am now 64G capacity, open [Recording when the screen change is recorded] function, there should be no problem for more than a month, the problem is this feature Can save disk space, but sometimes the recording will be omission, and it will not be recorded when it is guaranteed to ensure that the screen changes.

Originally planned to buy a second-hand computer, long-term boot storage, but I will give up this idea, after all, the second-hand water is too deep, the computer is not realistic, and the electricity is charged. Buying professional NAS has also been considered, but considering my main computer is not a Gigabit NIC, and for transmission speed, broadband and routing must be changed, plus buying hard drives to do arrays, are money, buy Tai, NAS The video is indeed a bit large.

Glory router

Fortunately, many routers are now supporting external USB storage devices. For example, I bought Huawei's glory router Pro, Gigabit router and external storage devices are the main cause of this four four squares. The main reason I bought it, home The original TP-LINK is actually OK, that is, the WiFi signal almost.

I bought a glory box before, and now I can directly access the external equipment of the glory router PRO through the glory box. It is very convenient. Glory router Pro also supports Thunder remote download (use), watching movies on TV is too convenient.

How to add NAS devices in Xiaoxing

The first is to insert a USB storage device on the glory router, such as a U disk or mobile hard disk, I use the 1T mobile hard disk. Enable file sharing services and multimedia sharing services in the router's [Storage Sharing] settings.

Second, two ways to add NAS:

One is to view the IP address of your own monitoring device on the router, and then enter the IP address, log in the management page, the user name is admin, password View the mobile app [camera universal] - [web initial password]. After entering the management interface, add NAS devices under [Parameter Settings] - [Application Settings] - [Local Storage].

Another way is the simplest, directly downloading the app in Xiaoying, select the NAS device in [Local Storage] - [Storage Device], then find the storage device under the router IP address in [NAS Path], pay attention to It does not support the secondary directory, the default directory, that is, this [Western_USB1_1] directory.

Note: After adding success, [My Album] - [NAS] may display the NAS connection failed in the mobile app, and the device should be able to restart the device in the app.

View video under the computer

The resource manager address bar input \\, that is, the IP address of the router, you can see the video file directory of the two devices.

The recording is based on the date classification, one folder every day, and the file is all stored in the day.

Talk to Xiao Xing

Previously, one of the equipment night visual features, the customer service was very refreshing for me, but I would like to have a problem.

At present, the surveillance camera in the market is actually quite a lot. It is good, and the fluorite camera used, and my friend's fluoride camera I have seen it. It is very good, the time axis of the app is very good, straight It is very convenient to drag the video to the front drag. In contrast, I'm looking at the video, and only one mobile phone is allowed to view the video (except computer TV), there is no more users to check the video at the same time, I hope to improve, now updated to the latest version, you can Through sharing equipment, you can view the video at the same time, but Xiaoxing looks very refreshing, this is okay, I think Xiaoxing looks at the level, there is still a lot of progress space.

In fact, many people reflect online to view the video will carton. In fact, I sometimes have a little carton, but it should be the problem of uplink bandwidth. My broadband speed actually doesn't reach 1M, the reason you understand, I can only huh, I can only huh. !

View video through other mobile phone software

The first is FileExplorer, this iOS software is quite good, not only supports Samba, but also supports NAS, FTP, ICLOUD, and network cloud storage, etc., usually can directly view the video of the LAN, such as monitoring video or download movies.

Secondly, it is called HaweihiLink on the app, iOS is called Haweihilink, click [Toolbox] - [Route Storage] to view the video and recording.

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