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Adsense is approved

Friday on December 25th, 2020Net Web

Who can say this is not an exciting news. When it has been hard, there is at least 8 times, hey! This is not successful ~

In fact, I don't like advertisements, just think that the article is decorated, such as pictures, I am hard to find the right picture to fill the blog, because I feel very troublesome. In addition, I saw the advertisement on the blog, my heart is itchy, full of curiosity, hahaha ...

Some time used in Taiwan's bloggerads, the picture of the advertisement is really good ~ very beautiful. The only disadvantage is that there is a word that is related to the "Republic of China". Of course, we still have to sacrifice to build a "harmonious" society. Then BLoggeraDs' advertisements also mix video content, I think this is very bad, so I have been going to this world-class advertiser - Googleadsense, I hope to use it instead of Bloggerads.

After adding a code in the evening, it has not been displayed immediately. For more than 10 minutes, there is a picture advertisement, and it is possible to match, and the blog is filled with the blog. Of course, if the advertisement has affected the beauty of the blog, I will remove these ads. After all, it is very important, I still have a lot in my heart.

Finally, I hope that all blogs who have been committed to personal blogs continue to come!

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