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Solve Win7 and Linux Deepin dual system time is not synchronized

Wednesday on December 2nd, 2020Net Web

For users of the dual system, sometimes the total time is 8 hours when returning to Windows from Linux.

Why is Linux Deepin and Windows dual systems have time difference

Because the UTC (Coordinating World) time is selected when installing Linux Deepin, Linux Deepin is always getting time from the Internet and writes to the BIOS, and then on this time, +8 (my country is located in the East East District), The time in the system is displayed. But Windows is read from the BIOS, and this time is just the UTC time written by Linux deepin, so it causes 8 hours of time difference.

Let Windows use time zone or let Linux Deepin use local time.

Method 1: Modifying the WIN7 Time Zone is in the registry:


The following adds a REG_DWORD button called RealTimeisuniversal and assigns 1.

Method 2: Enter the following instructions in the Linux Deepin terminal, meaning the time update to the hardware. (Recommend this way)

Sudo apt-get install ntpdate sudo ntpdate sudo hwclock --localtime --systohc

Time is now synchronized, and the back and forth is displayed normally.

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