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Sunday on November 29th, 2020Net Web


Publish is a WP theme, very simple, seemingly simple, actually not simple ~ I didn't think of my skin, but I was really lazy. After all, I didn't do this. Fortunately, I saw that II red hospital fell into this theme and shared it, and I would like to thank you. So I also use it, and I have changed it, more suitable for you ~

Plus 404.php and archive.php There are also a few pages, which is more complete; modify several CSS, beautify a few tags I often use; go to comment, plus more; SideBar.php page add some judgment , Functions.php adds some content; plus the original topic Small-menu.js, the topic UL of the transplant is leaked; JQ CDN is changed to Baidu, etc. ~

Baidu network disk file line chain acquisition method

Say that I have always hated those gs of Baidu network disk, I have seen a way to get a straight chain on the Internet, but those who have been invalid! This time I saw this method on Ben's blog, I feel good, I hope I can stand up, so I share it ~ I just reprint!

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