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About MARKDOWN editor

Wednesday on November 25th, 2020Net Web

In fact, Typecho has already joined the MD editor after version 0.9, but I am used to using the default text editor, except for the P label, the rest of the HTML tags must be written. However, after upgrading to the latest 1.0 (14.10.10), the problem is coming, mainly the previous article is a P label. Now it becomes a BR wrap, causing a lot of articles specially ugly, open Typecho's MD editor. After that, all articles must be re-edited with MD, and the article is really depressed.

Batch conversion into MD format

In the past, there is a problem that I have discovered this problem, and the solution is to use [html to text] this plug-in to convert the previous log into MD format, the main function has two:

Let the upgrade version 0.9 previous logs can use the MarkDown editor that the system comes. All log content saves HTML code before upgrading the top 0.9. This feature can convert HTML code into a MarkDown format.

However, it is still a backup before use, ensuring that there is no loss.

some problems

1. After the plugin converts the article into the MD format, it is finally used to go with P, but after all, this plugin is not very intelligent, you can't identify the backline of blockquote, but also to change it, the volume is huge, it is basically Changed.

2. I used a long code to package with pre/pre., The Typecho's MD editor is precomode/code/pre, so CSS is to change, the method is also very simple, directly CSS plus a pre code { The properties of ...} are just fine.

3. MD A tag does not support target = _blank properties, if you use MD, you can't open a link, simply speechless, you can use the jQuery below to solve it, you can also write a HTML format, MD support Nested the block-shaped HTML tag.

Script type = text/javaScript src=// jQuery.min.js/script script language = javascript $ (document) .read (function () {$ (a [href ^ = 'http']: not ([href * = '+ location.hostname +'])). Attr ('target', '_blank');}/script

to sum up

MARKDOWN really makes you more convenient when you enter HTML, it is also simpler, and this is also a trend. Its grammar is much, but it is easy to understand, you can refer to the MarkDown syntax description.

It is recommended that two editors are online, one is Windows, but Typecho's own MD editor is also good.

CMD MarkDown Edit Reader MIU - MarkDown Editor

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