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Set up an RSS reader

Wednesday on August 19th, 2020Net Web

Google Reader has been away from us, and since then I basically did not how used rss subscription, rss subscription would have been a product of the times, but do not know what is better on vps, registered in another few days ago Baidu Cloud .top of a domain name, Tucao about Baidu cloud, registered the domain name in the Baidu cloud replace ns time, actually to real-name authentication, send an ssl certificate does not support download, can only be deployed on its products, knew Ali clouds on the registration of domain names. So we do this in an RSS reader on VPS, address: https: //

On github find a lot of relevant RSS reader, try a few are not appropriate, and finally found a program called PHP Miniflux (official website) and found true Miniflux known as minimalism RSS reader, after using, program is small, simple interface, easy installation, as well as sqlite databases, the basic program uploaded to the site can be used, and high code quality of this program, also supports Chinese and custom themes, engage in a little theme, interface as follows, adaptive mobile phone, the theme being so, also need to modify, only suitable for reading.


Article Page

Other pages do not capture, and now everyone can easily see article updated in the above, there are a lot of blog entry does not go in, take the time to engage in the future, the program supports RSS feeds grouping, collection, historical view, read the full text article search , multi-user, API, etc., very powerful, specific methods Shangguan network can view the document, the authors write very clearly friends.

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