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Monday on August 17th, 2020Net Web

It really is a nice thing ah! Way back four days ago I was in the classroom, suddenly received a text message, open a looked at me real excited about it, the original filing application submitted by me some time ago!

Saying we live in China, you have to follow something distinctive, the network is no exception, so the record will have such a characteristic. But to say, as long as the patient, ready to complete the data submitted for the record application, usually through.

Some time ago in order for the record to be successful, so I filed during the temporary closure of the blog, so who knows more than a dozen twenty days Baidu, had wiped out my blog from the search engines, PR3 also temporarily disappeared, probably needs a week's time to recover it.

Server on the domestic, the speed is a lot faster, but because it is the telecommunications room, so some friends may not be as fast Unicom Telecom, but comparatively speaking overseas hosts, speed is also regarded as another level of it!

Recently quite busy, high school early are more things in preparation, but now they can rest only on Sunday morning for a long time, the rest of the class should be. Sometimes feel very tired, but also feel happy, flies also very fast for a week. Now school when they are not excited before, if that is the same as a normal school, is this numb it?

Materialist dialectics said, the future is bright, but the road is tortuous. For this, I believe!

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