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Typecho template Diary, Write, NearBox

Wednesday on April 1st, 2020Net Web

Diary, Write, NearBox these three templates is that I recently used the three, the three I have spent a certain amount of effort: I is a modified one is my original, I was a transplant.

This article directory:


diary, according to me is a less complete template modification obtained. This template, the template has been registered in Typecho station, but has been deleted. I registered in the template of the template station github account looked inside, he published the project has no trace of this template.

I find this template to find some time, I have not found. Later, accidentally he found it, but it looks and Typecho station goes template preview is somewhat different. At the same time, the template is missing some common elements, such as classification. Perhaps, when the original author of the design of this template and did not want to join classification. I like the simplicity of it, but some places do not meet their appetite, but there are some functional defects. So, I started to transform this template.

First of all, I would templates page width adjustment from 600px to 850px. Redesigning part of the style, including: text and commentary transfer large font size, style transformation comment box, the new archive page, added to our catalog show, home style changes, adding no plug-ins article top to increase the blog description (mobile terminal does not display), and so on. In addition, supplementary part of defects, such as table support.

I just changes the course, and I found it like a paid template. I went to this template's official blog, a blog and looked at using the template, style high similarity. I found footer "Previous", "Next" position, looks awkward after large width modulation, they imitate the payment template design.

After the final finalized, I own blog took about two weeks.

I named the "diary", Chinese name "diary" for it. It seems like the same diary.


This is an own design, templates yourself, when two days.

I am not a front-end designer, I'm just starting from the "evil" of some of my ideas, according to their current level of design. The end result, I think you must want - ugly.

Own design, I probably pen a hasty sketch style. The simplest blog title, page links, conveniently is on the title and summary. At design time, and similar diary, I would classify the time added to the next release of the body below the title. The rest of the style, I learn from the diary, such as labels, and the transformation of the diary style moved directly into the comment box write.

In fact, I did not have much hope for this template. Because I do not know what I want to style. Therefore, it is entirely the product of a practiced hand.

This template, I intentionally designed to end computers and mobile end almost completely different styles. Computer terminal display blog title, page links, title and summary text, page links; the phone side display blog title, page links, release time, title text, page links. Left end computers, mobile phones Duanju aligned. Blog background color, as recommended @ Nanshan map, select the I've never used the specter of white.

This template, I used the time to write half a day, but only two hours in my blog. I named it "write", meaning nothing special, simple, simple to too much for pure writing.

Whether you see this style template later, I will curse into what, I have to put out a screenshot of it.


This template is my transplant. Original template is one of the official template Farbox platform, written by use of the modified jade template language, written by the template author Farbox platform for resolution. Before transplant, I see the license agreement template is MIT. Therefore, I can safely transplanted it, and has the right conferred by MIT agreement, the obligation to comply with the requirements of MIT.

Before transplant, I saw someone called this template a transplant. I found the header and footer of the transplant is very similar to other places are all different. And he released the source code, is not entirely consistent with his blog. What say it? He described "the theme for their own use" in the source code, however, some of the style and the style of his blog's source code contained completely different. It seems that he had reservations, and he does not want anybody to use the same style.

In addition, the official website of the original template open source code, and use the original site template, not exactly the same style. In other words, the original source code template also have reservations.

After the original template is modified jade language. I'm not familiar with the language of jade, but its wording contrast php, there are certain similarities. However, after the modified jade language is not the case. At the same time, the original source code template butt Farbox background, there are a lot of hidden features, equivalent to only write the interface template. Because of these two reasons, with the source code transplant it is not possible. I can only rely css styles, use Typecho default template for docking with css.

This process take a lot of detours. The original template css written mess, I need to be rewritten. Rewrite process, I was wrong a lot of places that late repair bug fixes for a few days. It took two days to write out three versions, in addition to the comments, three other versions of page styles are as follows:

The first version: Home and archive pages have the same style, single page display the article title and abstract, flip the bottom there is a link. Abstract unformatted automatically intercept limit 100 words.

The second version: the same home as the original template. Home formatted automatically intercept Abstract 270 characters, pictures will be at home if there is, if the code is automatically added to the end of the display format. Style archive page summary of each article such as the interception of the way, consistent with the first version.

The third version: First, archive page template are consistent with the original format, including the date archive page display format, page footer links.

Eventually, the first version was abandoned me, and write because it looks not much different, not much else; the second version, it is my blog template currently used; the third version, I did not use official but on the test stand. When the second version bug fixes, will also apply to the third version.

Why I chose the second version of it? There are two reasons:

First, archive the original page template, and archive pages are too similar, the only difference between two points: the date is displayed in different formats, archive page has links page. Date display format, the archive page is d M Y, archive page is the Y-m-d. Y-m-d looks neat, and d M Y is not. why? M represents the month in English three-letter abbreviation, abbreviations different months, different occupation of the page width. The results of this is that the date seems irregular, some wide, some narrow. Obsessive-compulsive disorder unbearable.

Second, archive the original page template, and archive pages are too similar, I feel monotonous.

After the transplant is successful, I added to the template directory tree style. Typecho have a directory tree plug-in can be docked. Original plug-in uses with more labels similar wording, due Typecho 1.1 on the "" and "" for the escape, so the plug failure in version 1.1, with a master after it has been modified. This time, I will change it to a standard Markdown syntax, and "" and "" are escaping-relationships, both versions of the plug-ins can be used; I also plug-in generates style template tree docked reserved style. After the plug-modification, as long as the writing according to standard Markdown syntax, it will generate a directory tree in their desired position.

Currently, there are experts to develop a third-party plug-ins parsing Markdown, Markdown resolve the stand-alone packaged in, includes support for the directory tree in the plug-in. However, if you use this resolution plug-in, I will not butt style reserved for special directory tree. In order not to make it look ugly, I added a separate style unordered list in CSS.

This template, I feel a reasonable manner. Brevity is its advantage, and write but compared to its style seems diversification, not to overly simple; compared with some style complex template, it's simple and highlights the content.

This template is I named "NearBox". I put it to adjust the size of the main 20px. Currently, the vast majority of template size does not exceed this value, their usual size between 14 ~ 16px. 20px has been great, does not look tired eyes, they will not feel very exaggerated. With simple templates, open the blog, the main attention will be focused on the content.


Toss template process is very painful, because I am a layman, for part of css and php are not familiar with. I rely Typecho default style templates, source code control, then to understand where part of the code which corresponds to the content.

In the process, their own power alone can not be completed. I use several search engines to find relevant information, in particular the introduction of various css styles. I also refer to a part of the free open source template.

After the toss, I learned a lot. Although I was not a professional learning php + css, but still understand the part about knowledge. At the same time, enhance their understanding of Typecho this simple and powerful blog program.

Finally, I have to say about the key issue: the three templates, temporarily not open source, not distributed. Because there may not yet found the bug, and the code is badly written. I do not want the public to see some of the hostility of people are pointing weight, even swearing.

Here, thanks to Typecho, thanks to my open source reference template authors thank the public about the technology blog of bloggers who helped me thank the Friends of Bo. Also thank yourself, this perseverance have persevered in their leisure time.

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