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Gravatar Avatar Tutorial

Thursday on October 15th, 2020Net Web

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar (global recognition avatar), is provide online picture service, mainly used in blog and forum posts, relying on e-mail address recognition judgment, generic logo to show personalized service for each user, completely free, initially for use on WordPress, now everywhere, a lot of blog supports Gravatar avatar is displayed.

First look at a Gravatar avatar picture wall. Readers can go to the specific effects of ranking.

Above these default avatar There's plenty of black and white picture. Some picture with its own definition.

These different styles picture is registered by Gravatar avatar universal service to achieve. As long as your registered email account to bind through the respective head, you leave a message at any website Avatar Gravatar support services in your mailbox will be the default display your avatar.

Register at Gravatar account

Now Gravatar account already and binding, which means you must first register account before you can log in Gravatar set.

The network has been to the wall of the Great Wall, the country can not access the normal way. Of course, a friend in need can try the IE browser (pro-test, not the wall.)

To the rear wall, open the registered address to register, you can visit the website backstage after registration.

Registered address login address

Above this is a registered interface diagram. The following is the login interface. Do not tell me you do not know these text box is doing. .

Enter your e-mail, click SignUp. Gravatar will then send this email message, click on the link address that is registered successfully. Enter your nickname and password registered, click Sign In to log in to the background. Nickname and password login can be modified in the background.

Set Gravatar Avatar

After logging in to the background, you can start uploading picture, the image size is best not less than 512 * 512. Here are four sources (local computer network icon, camera shot now, before upload pictures). Select the appropriate type upload your own avatar picture can be.

Once uploaded, you need to crop the image, as shown below, find a good angle, and finally click on Crop and finish!

After cutting head is required for your avatar classification, that is, whether it is not suitable for children, four levels (G - general level, comparing crab; PG - parental guidance is needed; R - adult level; X - jarring restricted;).

Try not to upload some X-rated content, because most of the blog is a common picture display G general level, through other types of audits will take some time.

Well, wait 5-10 minutes, Gravatar will update your picture, you can use Gravatar universal function of the head. Comments in the future as long as you are on the site Gravatar support when you set up a good fill in the mailbox, you can show your personality portraits.

Gravatar FAQ:

Q: Gravatar-mail systems which currently support?

A: The support Gmail, QQmail other seemingly major domestic mail service have already supported it.

Q: After registration Gravatar, as long as the WordPress blog will be able to see their picture yet?

A: Not necessarily, it depends on whether or not to support a Gravatar blog theme of API, fortunately, most WordPress blog theme used is a Gravatar support.

Q: Why can only use Gravatar in WordPress blog?

Answer: It is not. It depends on the site administrators: as long as the website can get your EMail information, but also in the presentation layer using Gravatar's API, can be used. Some small foreign Web2.0 company's products are supported by a Gravatar.

Q: EMail to match with, but also by the presentation layer (HTML code), I will not reveal my EMail it?

A: No, because Gravatar using EMail after a string of MD5 encryption, you do not have to worry about your EMail address leakage.

Q: Why can not I see the image after the registration?

A: Because there is a relatively long Gravatar buffering period; After registering, the corresponding image will not appear immediately

Q: If I register now, before the message will appear in the picture it?

A: Yes, as long as the message in time to submit comments, you use the same EMail address will be displayed.

Q: If you want to register more than one picture, how do?

A: You can use a little trick of GMail "plus" to register. Other mail is temporarily unable to meet this demand. This is one of the competitive advantage of GMail mailbox aspects (note, in mainland China and is extremely confident of their intelligence or extreme self-confidence of a friend is not recommended to use GMail, you may have a 10?hance of not landing).

Q: Why can not register QQ mailbox?

A: I did research, I did not QQ mailbox; you go Tencent ask, why is it not receive the registered letter. If the results are known, also welcomed the announcement message here (ready to use QQ mailbox, you can receive a registered letter).

Q: If someone pretending to my mailbox it?

A: No way, if people are pretending, this mailbox will display matching faces, it is indeed a problem. Therefore, protect your mailbox is very important, and it can be combined with GMail tips "7" is mentioned, for example, you can use somemail + 1980ATgmail as your email address. Most people can not guess you this, "+1980" private suffix, and the mailbox can be used in the normal GMail.

Q: sign up Gravatar global generic logo What are the benefits?

A: The 21st century is the era of individuality, is to let people know your age, you show self-personality era. Use personalized Gravatar avatar, not only helps others know you unique, but also to publicize themselves, build personal brand. It was observed that there are many children's shoes, you can actually do advertising by Gravatar avatar, so do not underestimate Gravatar function oh.

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