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Computer twenty-three matter (2)

Sunday on September 20th, 2020Net Web

This laptop have eaten ashes for a long time, decided to take him to life, Y430 just 10 years from now, I was just at university on behalf of Lenovo's product, then use the still, when the price of almost 6,000 yuan, but also with significant independence, At that time the notebook with significant independence is not that much, they still hope that it aged it pullback from old age, nothing else, ha ha.

Last week gave it to thoroughly demolished cleaning, but after the demolition also encountered some problems, as follows:

After the display apart, left border and screw bit lower right corner cut off, mainly plastic aging, a little force will be a problem, but fortunately the problem is not simply repair the next. Touchpad failure, may be cable or the motherboard out of the problem, repair it later, but do not like to use. The battery is completely useless, this is not a normal thing? Think of the inside of the 18650 changed it see if I can fix it? Brass radiator out when accidentally squeezed into the iron at the outlet, but it did not fix the problem. After more than a few screws installed, drunk.

Recommendations notebook too old or do not demolished, many things are aging, such as some cable and tape, interfaces, screws, etc., had no problem, removed the various problems that may arise, and then after I installed this I removed can not be switched back, then I removed it again, putting it back they can, but to see the bodies of many Y430 disassemble parts on salted fish, the motherboard has only a few dozen blocks, so the future is also very easy to think of replacement parts of.

Simple upgrade it, are scouring the bargain, also with the can, no problem at all:

CPU upgrade to the T6400 P9700, P9700 only low 28W, power consumption, better performance, less heat, used in such an old notebook better and better. 2G memory upgrade to 4G DDR3 1066.120G SSDs. 7783 cooling suit, feeling little change before and hardware temperature.

Mainly due to solid-state hard drive and CPU, this book is currently running speed is very smooth, temperature control is also good, no problems for everyday use, I mainly use it to write occasional articles and website code mess things getting better, battles a few years nothing issue.

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