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Some things Sublime Text 3

Friday on May 8th, 2020Net Web

Previously wrote an article "Sublime Text 2 something," continues today to say that this is my favorite editor, IDE has no love for me, because it feels too slow, I do not need a lot of debugging, compiler, a simple, beautiful, lightweight editor for me is the most suitable, ST bit like SciTE year.

The latest sublime text has been updated to 3059, registered on crack, you can see no light in the wilderness of this article, is to force attention to replace the exe program, then enter the registration code can be. Formerly with the theme of Flatland, now fatigued, but to see another theme phoenix theme on Github, powerful, a lot of color, but also support custom!

Add Configuration

Select Preferences - Settings - User, add the following code:

"Color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Phoenix/Color Scheme/Tomorrow-Night.tmTheme", "theme": "Phoenix Dark.sublime-theme", "font_face": "Yahei Consolas Hybrid", "phoenix_color_expanded_folder": true, "phoenix_color_green": true, "phoenix_dirty_bottom_bar": true, "phoenix_dirty_bottom_bar_pink": true, "phoenix_eighties": true, "phoenix_highlight_current_tab": true, "phoenix_sidebar_tree_normal": true, "phoenix_solid_current_tab": true, "phoenix_tabs_auto_width": true, "phoenix_tabs_font_normal ": true," phoenix_tabs_normal ": true," tab_size ": 4," word_wrap ":" true "

Introduce a few common plug-ins

A, Bracket Highlighter

For matching brackets, and quotation marks html tags. For a long code is useful. After installing, you do not need to set the plug-in will automatically take effect.

Two, JS Format

A plug JS code format. Can be compressed js code decompression, select code, press the shortcut key ctrl + alt + f, the code is automatically formatted, is very convenient.

Three, ConvertToUTF8

By this plugin, you can edit and save the file encoding is not currently supported sublime text, especially in Japan and South Korea the user's GB2312, GBK, BIG5, EUC-KR, EUC-JP and so on. ConvertToUTF8 supports Sublime Text 2, and 3.

Four, Tag

HTML code formatting plug-in, select the section of html code, press the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + f can be.

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