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Movie: Return

Wednesday on November 25th, 2020Other

Han Lei version of "following you to the sky", seems to make people feel more.

I haven't seen such a warm film for a long time, but the following plots have a little like "the story of the loyal dog", but this is not the emotion of people. The movie name is to return, I think it is not only a story of "return", it is a gorgeous return of the director. In fact, this movie did not go to the cinema to see a bit regret, although it is HD on the computer, But always feel such a good movie, it should be supported, and the effect of the cinema will be better.

In recent years, many domestic polarized art films, such as Jia Zhangke's "Day", Yan Yizhang's "Day Fireworks", I think it is a very good movie, sometimes people seem to have too high requirements for domestic movies. There are even some martyr, I admit that there are still a lot of domestic movies very vulgar, bored, there is no sincerity, but many of the works of the sixth generation director are not the same, there are many indeed good works, but this is a bad piece and good The key is the key, the key is whether you can find it.

The returning story is from the era of the Cultural Revolution. Although I have not experienced that era, I often heard the elders, I feel that people who have experienced the Cultural Revolution are different, at least give me feelings. They are very cautious in some respects, and the words and deeds are not so bold. It may be because I have watched the history, and I also saw some novels in this area, so I think I can understand that the era, at least the movie of this happens, I don't feel boring.

The movie has given me a lot of movement, many scenes will make you tears, but only this, I think this is the director is interested, Gong Li and Chen Daoming are really strength, acting first, no dazzling, but Very flat, very careful to play the character, I really feel that the super-class actor can support a movie, no matter whether the script is good or bad. This movie is actually the three people. The whole movie is the three people's play. I like Zhang Huiwen who plays the patriarchal daughter. This actress I think it is very beautiful, and her cultural reaps are very good, old The aesthetic beauty of the son is still ok, I think he really likes this type of beauty.

The whole film is still very depressed, the contradiction is thrown out at the beginning, and now people may not understand, the daughter reports this kind of behavior, why is the people in that era? I think there is a scar in that generation, in fact, you hurt others, but also hurt yourself, everyone is the victim of that era. Some people commented that this movie is very flat, long, I don't think so, I feel that the directors have been treated very well, I can feel that time is lapse, in fact, life is very flat. Some words don't know if it should be said, so I still don't say it. I haven't seen this "return"!

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