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Computer twenty-three thing

Sunday on September 20th, 2020Net Web

Xu Jiumei have to toss the computer, then it seems to work for me, home computer access to the Internet, can see the video, the code can simply write it on a computer I spent nearly seven years, the middle too memory, graphics cards, optical drives, hard drives, power bad once, and later a colleague sent me the first horse power has been used now.

Talk on a single computer configuration it:

Or AM3 CPU-platform triple-core Athlon II X3 445, which is quite the antique CPU, open a Chrome basically half gone. Memory frequency is 1333 DDR3 6G, the frequency is also very touching. Board even weak, Asus M4N68T LE V2, also lacks in addition to the advantages of the small, or Fast Ethernet port, USB2.0, SATA2 interface. Graphics card is used before I bought online graphics AMD Radeon R7 350, then spent more than 200.

Before buying a piece of solid, this performance I think this old computer can improve the next, I did not expect SATA2 interface, performance is very limited, which cost me the election board Internet, be sure to support SATA3, and I was not going to change CPU, so they look for in AM3/3 + platform motherboard, find the motherboard after, and felt CPU is the bottleneck, but unfortunately has chosen AM3 + motherboard, you can only find in AM3 + CPU of years later that the chassis is too small up, but also to find a chassis, prefer tower chassis, so one down, did not save money, they also spent a lot of, I basically do not play games, not the pursuit of performance, as long as the program is not able to open the card and , chassis temperature is not too high hopes, things are purchased online, some used, some new.

Project Name Note Price (yuan) Processor AMD FX Series FX-8300 eight-core AM3 + CPU processor interfaces Chinese original box chicken weapon in 8300 had wanted to free fish or Taobao to buy second-hand, about the price of 350 yuan, basically as spare parts, no radiator, so think simply buy a new box, do not buy a single radiator, radiator proved completely suppress this CPU, the basic temperature below 40 , no tried to play the game. 499/Jingdong new motherboard ASUS Asus/M5A88-M AM3 + Bulldozer DDR3 integrated 880GUSB3.0 SATA 6GB seller said that inventory, get a hand feeling is still very new, baffled, solder joint is still relatively good, the feeling is not washed, the definition it is second-hand. This motherboard is highly cost-effective, basically meet my requirements, that is not the only connection of the chassis of the front bezel USB 19pin interface to 3.0 on the motherboard. 291/Taobao memory Kingston desktop memory DDR3 4G 1333mhz compatible with three generations of computers G41 motherboard memory bought a four, a total of 16G, motherboard maximum support 16G, and 1333 more than needed overclocking, helpless to 1333 bar, the price of 150 yuan/bar pretty cheaper. 600/Taobao hard Kingston/Kingston SA400S37/240G notebook desktop computer hard drive 240G SSD solid state disk system used to do feeling a little big, after sub-districts out of the software installed it. There is a old computer itself 500G and 1T mechanical hard disk. 289/Taobao power Wall (GreatWall) Rated power 500W HOPE-6000DS heard of the Great Wall power supply is good, I am also the first time, in fact, less than 500W, the graphics do not need to take 6pin, think too much. 220/Jingdong fan first horse (SAMA) game Storm 12CM matte chassis fans have nothing to say, no light is cheap. 16/Jingdong chassis CoolerMaster (CoolerMaster) Destroyer upgraded version of the classic U3 tower chassis in the chassis is the most difficult option to tell the truth, and it is the most energy-consuming me, because I was on the computer the following, my configuration is also not high, those side through the RGB light chassis is not suitable for me, I just have a pull-out box and hard drive, the tower is the best for me, this case should sell for several years, but the advantage is that the chassis is large enough, the front panel can be a fan inlet, a multi-drive bays, power is set lower, back alignment, the key is cheap. 239/Jingdong disk tray used this hard disk installation on MRA190 3.5-inch optical drive trays SATA 3 HDD Enclosure HDD Support Extension NAS, I wanted to use on the old chassis, to solve the problem of insufficient internal space, but I also put on the new chassis. 39/Taobao adapter cable switch chassis front USB3.0 USB2.0 host adapter cable USB3.0 interface to the Main Board 2.0 The transfer head chassis front panel USB3.0 interface, but there is no interface 19pin on the motherboard, although from the front panel USB3.0 interface to pass, but the ugly, can not put the mouth idle it, so I found a bit online, really have such a cable, but the speed is still 2.0, 2.0 when using it. 8/Taobao computer chassis air filter dust customized desktop host laptop fan filter cover audio speakers cabinet PVC sheet/small circular plate magnet strong magnet Among teaching office NdFeB magnets with high magnetic magnetite D8 * 2/anti Desktop computer motherboards usb notebook dust plug suit universal primary chassis Lenovo silicone cover Apple dust plugs are used, the effect should have, but may be a little effect on the heat, I see the current temperature of all kind of normal. 28/Taobao other monitors, graphics cards, keyboard, mouse, HUB, mechanical hard drives are the original computer accessories, although the graphics performance is very general, but do not play the big game or no problem, reapply the demolition of cleaning grease, you can battles a few years. 0 Total 2229 yuan

Casually shoot a few photos, ugly machine, the alignment is also very soul, motherboard, CPU, memory, these basically are out of date, and also the price is not worth doing, so the platform of choice for a start is very important, as you experience lessons of the record.

Pit is not finished, the whole end of this and found a lot more parts: chassis, motherboard, CPU, memory, power supplies, and sent a hard disk and display can be set and a computer, a monitor just how, but I just I'm ready to upgrade to a laptop (mainly change the CPU, memory, solid and cleaning, the next article will specifically when it comes), Ever since I put the mechanical hard drive removed my old laptop to put the hosts in the entire after the whole good in my parents home use.

Updated: 2018.11.21

I bought a 240G Kingston SSD to store software and games. Two hard drives are not partitions, used alone, a loading system, installed a software and games, more so than the remaining space, the speed will be faster.

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