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Sunday on June 21st, 2020Other

Because of negligence, there is no corporate income tax quarterly reporting schedule, consult some of the financial intermediary that is to pay a fine of at least 400, and later called the 12366 tax consultancy, said that 2000 following a fine deal given by the counter case depending on the circumstances, if the circumstances are serious 2000-10000 treatment is given.

LP-site treatment and this morning, the National Tax: I'll give you 100 points:

1, Fuzhou Internal Revenue Service Development Zone parking free;

2, the counter declaration processing speed quickly, do not pay fines, suggesting that within a year only allowed such a false negative cases;

3, the real-name authentication acquisition speed is quite handle;

4, staff attitude is also good;

Two things that go through down about 20 minutes.

The title of this article on this Mawei Development Zone "on everything" it!

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