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Reflections on the strength of

Monday on August 17th, 2020Other

There are people drawing near, state size and power. Everyone is full of desire for power, but not everyone can have the power, the power of those who have also not everyone can manage it well.

From ancient times, the power with the progress of human society, and changing social structures. In primitive societies, only able-bodied person to survive, to get the most food and offspring, will ultimately be more strong fight, so later with various sections of roads, that of the system. Who seemingly more civilized form of clever lines will matter, on this phenomenon, Lu Xun bluntly and its essence is "man-eating." Now talking about the rule of law, according to the text of the law is that everyone is equal, I will not say there is a man-eating, can be things of the world, who can say absolutely it.

It would help if everyone prophet law, then law-abiding, the world will be much less noisy dispute. To give a very simple example, if every driver can press the lane, to comply with traffic lights, the proper use of the vehicle exterior lighting, parking inside the sideline to stop, this will avoid a lot of unnecessary congestion and disputes. Because the development of traffic rules is reasonable in nature, it all obey, it will run very smoothly. Although some lanes and traffic lights time setting is not very reasonable, but in order to maintain this point of view, better than nothing better.

With the rules will not necessarily follow. There will always have respect for the power of the people, and some people make good use of it, and some people abuse it. Make the best use of the people, that the maintenance of order, the abuse, is disruptive. The lack of people in the world in the name of maintaining order in the abuse of power, and some people could do nothing but for justice.

The existing order can not be maintained, it will gave birth to a new order and to maintain the power of this order, the ancients said Ranger is a kind, and even old books as well as biographies of its. But after all, Ranger is not on the table, at best, only be regarded as chivalric disabilities, just save the world non-Kuang.

Throughout history, the force should be to maximize the number of Temujin Genghis Khan, his expedition East war, the Mongol Empire version of the picture was so far no one beyond. But even such a strong man, and now is retired, only later people still miss the heroic year.

So we can only come from their own power, their own existence in time, to protect themselves and their dear person. So we should exercise, fitness should be, should make themselves strong, not for anything else, just to bullying from others.

Tonight saw the Indian film "tuner" generalized power than the power of a narrow, they are included and relationships are included.

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