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Two people eat hot pot.

Thursday on December 19th, 2019Life

I think I may have been a fighting angel in my last life. I had a toothache the day before yesterday. I ate hot pot at home last night and had a great time. Haha!

in fact, the original plan was to eat hot pot last night, discuss with my wife, buy vegetables, buy hot pot ingredients, and make it at home, so I bought a set of induction cooker sets with online appearance in the day before, which really lived up to my expectations.

the toothache happened after the plan, but miraculously nothing happened yesterday, so it didn't affect the hot pot for dinner.

what we want to eat hot pot is not to eat it deliberately, but to think that two people go shopping together, go home to get it together, she washes and chooses vegetables, and I am responsible for cutting vegetables and cooking hot pot soup. I enjoy the process of two people working together, that kind of "home" feeling.

digression: speaking of starting a family, I also have a family. My personal feeling is that the management of two people depends on how they operate with each other. They need to know how to understand and pay, and to be patient.

for example, my wife is a medical worker who is tired of commuting to and from work every day. When she comes home to nag, she must not appear impatient, try to be considerate of others and learn to comfort. Again, she knows how to make concessions, and there is a good saying. Take a step back, many family quarrels are actually trivial, both sides are stubborn and refuse to give way, so contradictions intensify and small things become big things. But also know that "life has a sense of ritual", the same life throughout the year, it must be boring, so you have to find some fun for your family, such as going out with your wife every once in a while, or watching a movie or something. It's like eating hot pot at home, and it's a good time for two. Finally, I think the most important thing is to "communicate". If you want to know what the other person means, you should also let the other person know what you mean. It seems like a simple answer, but it is still not simple.

may nag out of order and write what comes to mind. Finally, let's take a look at the homemade hot pot dinner last night.

when I come back from shopping in the supermarket, my wife is responsible for choosing and washing vegetables. I am responsible for cutting vegetables and making hot pot soup. In the meantime, I talk about their jobs, hobbies, or what they have found.

the bottom soup is made of local chicken, first cut the local chicken into large pieces, wash, skim off the floating foam in the cold water, remove and wash clean, oil, spring onion, ginger and pepper stir-fry the chicken pieces for a while, pour into the pressure cooker, add water and ginger pieces, press for 20 minutes, do not press too soft, or a little chewy.

during the period of pressing the bottom soup, cut the vegetables on the table, take out the newly bought induction cooker appearance set artifact, just wait for the soup to be ready, pour it into the pot, the battery boils 1800W and turn to the hot pot function, put in the purchased hot pot bottom ingredients, try the salt and so on, wait a while, you can start to eat hot pot.

look at the effect of the finished product on the spot, it's still good. During the meal, turn the TV over, watch "Qingyu year", and then blow the household stuff. Well, this is life.

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