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Apple to replace the battery 6S

Saturday on September 26th, 2020Net Web

Since the use of a plus, basically did not go to Taiwan touched my iPhone 7, and the last time OTA upgrade IOS13 stuck in the boot Logo, which led me to re-DFU Brush, leading to something inside all gone, but fortunately I have put photo backup to the NAS, or else miserable, but many off the shelf software could be brought back, very helpless.

6S this is also the battery is not durable, so simply put two batteries have changed it, for the best time to have a hot air gun, blowing about four weeks at the mobile phone, remove the bottom two screws, with a little bottom-chucks pull force that, with a nail or the like that the sled is inserted into the slot, the edge cut open slowly, careful not snapped cable, the edges are waterproof sealant, and not cut open after the water, it also sold online kind of glue, but the personal feeling is not a new machine, and also lacks the water is not waterproof. The final step is to put some relevant screws and cables are removed, the battery of gum coming out, and be careful not to buckle gum with tweezers, punctured battery is very dangerous. 6S and much the same method for the battery 7, 7 a little trouble, a lot of online tutorials, no difficulty, the most important is to change the battery yourself more comfortable, but also cheaper.

Apple 6S

Apple 7

After for a new battery, the phone feels reborn, like, more than 2000 mA a little bit more than before, the key is not the old battery down quickly.

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