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Sin! Sin! Sent 20 spam emails.

Thursday on September 15th, 2005Life

Tencent sent an email saying that it would increase the mailbox space to 50m after sending 20 Mid-Autumn Festival greetings emails.

the full text is as follows:

Mid-Autumn Festival full moon reunion! When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, while you send deep wishes to your relatives and friends, you can also get the golden autumn gift prepared by QQ Mail-50m free QQ Mail, and can participate in the ranking of the warmest people (users who send the most blessings).
send a total of 20 blessing emails, and your capacity of QQ Mail immediately increased to 50m.
Click to send blessings now!

because people send emails to my QQ Mail from time to time, 5m is really too little.
so I started the process of spamming. After sending a few letters, I found it was really tiring. If you enter a few addresses at random, you can also count them. You can send e-mail to 163 with numbers from 1 to 20. He he.
send 20 messages:

Sender: 10000
you participated in the "Mid-Autumn Festival warm blessing" activity and successfully sent 20 blessing emails to your friends. While your relatives and friends get your warm Mid-Autumn Festival wishes, you have also successfully expanded and upgraded your QQ free mailbox to 50m. You can browse QQ Mail's "folder" page to check the size of the upgraded mailbox space. Thank you for your participation! Thank you for your continued support to QQ Mail!

successful. 50M .
as soon as I went online in the evening, I received 18 new emails and opened them. Hehe, it turned out to be 18 system bounces.

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