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The late-night code word is nearing completion of the new home.

Wednesday on January 8th, 2020Life

is also a series of late-night code words. I wrote for the first time that my new house is about to be completed, and now I can finally see something in general.

it's almost 1: 00 in the morning. The day before yesterday, furniture and household appliances are coming in one after another. Today, after a day of cleaning with my parents, I can finally show a general style.

although it is nearing completion, there are still regrets about the decoration this time. I mainly work here, and most of them communicate with the master workers over the phone during the construction there. Perhaps the communication is not in place, and there are still several places where there are mistakes. Although the impact is not great, but it also affects the effect of the site, but it is all done, and it will get by, so there is no rework.

this time the style is said to be light and extravagant, but after putting the furniture, it feels like the house here changed color last year, so it's a little weird.

the new home, the previous picture! At the end of the article, we will compare the panoramic effects of the two suites to see which style you like.

"living room"


"master bedroom"

"second bedroom"

"Children's room"


<2020 panoramic view of new home

"2018 panoramic view of hometown"

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